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Through BARTER and various DISCOUNTS

we want to allow everyone to have the opportunity to be healthy,

but also to learn different ways of achieving financial freedom.

Step 1: Book your appointment/event

Step 2: Check the value of the booking

Step 3: Check the corresponding voucher value of the booking value
(e.g.: 50 EUR booking value => 40 EUR voucher value)

Step 4: Choose one of the local businesses below and order your voucher online

Step 5: Forward the voucher by mail to ,

and mention your name and date of appointment

See the options below on how you can get discounts and pay through barter/gift vouchers from the following mom&pop, artisan, or small local businesses.

BioVita, Karma Markt, Boer Bas, Praktijk De Pauw,

De Eenvoud, Bax Music Brugge, De Bron

If you have other places, talents or suggestions, please contact us by email or telephone.

SERVICE:        CASH   or   BARTER



Sound Bath  =

Sound Bath + Coaching =


Home or Hospital Visit


Happiness Coach =

Deep Dive Coaching =

S.O.S. Coach =


Sound Bath = 

Mantra & Meditation =

Healthy Mind = 


Sound Bath  4+1free  =

Sound Bath  10+3free  =



50 EUR

70 EUR

90 EUR

60 EUR

90 EUR

50 EUR

20 EUR

10 EUR


80 EUR

200 EUR


worth 40 EUR groceries/ gift voucher

worth 55 EUR groceries/ gift voucher

worth 75 EUR groceries/ gift voucher

worth 50 EUR groceries/ gift voucher

worth 75 EUR groceries/ gift voucher

worth 40 EUR groceries/ gift voucher

worth 15 EUR groceries/ gift voucher

Bring food, flowers, drinks

Bring food, flowers, drinks

worth 65 EUR groceries/ gift voucher


worth 160 EUR groceries/ gift voucher


Yes, that's right.  If you don't have money, you can bring a friend and join yourself for free.  Or split the fee 50/50 with your friend.

*use this with common sense, don't abuse your friend or the system

*1 NEW friend = 1 time for free



If you want to find out more about financial freedom and independence,

then send an email with 

"Freedom & Independence"

in the subject to stay up to date on info, community events & discounts.

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